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  • Bio-Inspired 'Nano-Cocoons' Offer Targeted Drug Delivery Against Cancer Cells

    Date: October 15, 2014

    Guardian Liberty Voice (Las Vegas, NV: 3.8 million unique monthly visits) "Bio-Inspired 'Nano-Cocoons' Offer Targeted Drug Delivery Against Cancer Cells" October 15, 2014 Bio-inspired nano-cocoons may offer the newest method for delivering drugs used to treat the spread of cancer cells. Each bio-engineered cocoon consists of a single DNA strand that manipulates itself into the shape of a ball of yarn measuring 150 nanometers wide. They can carry large amounts of anti-cancer drugs and release them rapidly into ...

  • Hybrid 'Patch' Could Replace Transplants

    Date: October 1, 2014

    Medical Design Technology (Rockaway, NJ: 36,200 unique monthly visits) "Hybrid 'Patch' Could Replace Transplants" October 1, 2014 Because heart cells cannot multiply and cardiac muscles contain few stem cells, heart tissue is unable to repair itself after a heart attack. Now Tel Aviv University researchers are literally setting a new gold standard in cardiac tissue engineering. … In a study published by Nano Letters, Dr. Dvir's team presented their model for a superior hybrid cardiac patch, which incorporates biomaterial ...

  • Blades Of Grass Inspire Advance In Organic Solar Cells

    Date: October 2, 2014

    RedOrbit (Dallas, TX: 7.5 million unique monthly visits) "Blades Of Grass Inspire Advance In Organic Solar Cells" October 2, 2014 Using a bio-mimicking analog of one of nature’s most efficient light-harvesting structures, blades of grass, an international research team led by Alejandro Briseno of the University of Massachusetts Amherst has taken a major step in developing long-sought polymer architecture to boost power-conversion efficiency of light to electricity for use in electronic devices. Briseno, with colleagues and graduate students ...

  • Deconstruction of Avant-Garde Cuisine Could Lead to Even More Fanciful Dishes

    Date: October 1, 2014

    Science Daily (Sandy Hook, CT: 6.8 million unique monthly visits) "Deconstruction of avant-garde cuisine could lead to even more fanciful dishes" October 1, 2014 One of the most iconic forms of avant-garde cuisine, also known as molecular gastronomy, involves the presentation of flavorful, edible liquids -- like cocktails or olive oil -- packaged into spheres. Now a team of scientists, in collaboration with world-renowned chef Ferran Adriá, is getting to the bottom of what makes these delectable morsels possible. ...

  • Dog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways: New Test Could Reveal How Big The Problem Is

    Date: October 3, 2014

    RedOrbit (Dallas, TX: 7.5 million unique monthly visits) "Dog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways: New Test Could Reveal How Big The Problem Is" October 3, 2014 Americans love their dogs, but they don’t always love to pick up after them. And that’s a problem. Dog feces left on the ground wash into waterways, sometimes carrying bacteria — including antibiotic-resistant strains — that can make people sick. Now scientists have developed a new genetic test to figure out how much dogs ...