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The Latest Articles
  • Skin Patches May Replace Blood Diagnostic Test

    Date: October 23, 2014

    Business Standard (India: 101,500 unique monthly visits) "Skin patches may replace blood diagnostic test" October 23, 2014 Scientists have, for the first time, designed and successfully tested a small skin patch that detected malaria proteins in live mice and could replace the traditional blood diagnostic test. Drawing blood and testing it is standard practice for many medical diagnostics. As a less painful alternative, scientists are developing skin patches that could one day replace the syringe. In the American Chemical Society (ACS)'s ...

  • Software Finds Tiny Leaks in Natural Gas Pipelines

    Date: October 22, 2014

    LaboratoryEquipment.com (Rockaway, NJ: 685,800 unique monthly visits) "Software Finds Tiny Leaks in Natural Gas Pipelines" October 22, 2014 Major leaks from oil and gas pipelines have led to home evacuations, explosions, millions of dollars in lawsuit payouts and valuable natural resources escaping into the air, ground and water. But in a report in ACS’ journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, scientists say they have developed a new software-based method that finds leaks even when they’re small, which could help prevent serious incidents ...

  • An Entirely Different Kind Of Apple Operating System

    Date: October 21, 2014

    Refinery 29 (New York, NY: 10.6 million unique monthly visits) "An Entirely Different Kind Of Apple Operating System" October 21, 2014 Whether you like them in a pie, with some peanut butter, or covered in caramel, it's hard to deny the classic, humble appeal of an apple. … Recent studies also suggest that all apples might not be created equally. For instance, a study from Washington State University suggested that Granny Smiths are the most beneficial for our gut ...

  • Frying Your Food with Olive Oil is Better for You Than Seed Oils

    Date: October 23, 2014

    The Irish Examiner (Dublin, Ireland: 240,700 unique monthly visits) "Frying your food with olive oil is better for you than seed oils" October 23, 2014 Everybody loves fried food and despite knowing it’s not the healthiest, it’s just too tasty to resist. But if you want to get healthier you needn’t go as far as to stop eating it – simply make sure you’re frying your food with olive oil. Scientists have found that olive oil withstands the heat of ...

  • Scientists Just Discovered How To Determine If Water Contamination Comes From Fracking

    Date: October 21, 2014

    Think Progress (8.5 million unique monthly visits) "Scientists Just Discovered How To Determine If Water Contamination Comes From Fracking" October 21, 2014 A team of U.S. and French scientists say they have developed a new tool that can specifically tell when environmental contamination comes from waste produced by hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking. In peer-reviewed research published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology on Monday, the researchers say their new forensic tool can distinguish fracking wastewater pollution from other ...